Night landscapes- Geelong oil refinery

The images in this post were captured using a Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8. This was the first time using this new lens which I received at the beginning of the week. The autofocus was the fastest I have used of all the fuji lens. It worked really well with the new updated firmware and focus peaking addition in low light. I was really impressed with the image quality especially in the centre of the image with some falloff towards the edges. The lack of aperture ring did not bother me at all in fact I preferred changing apertures with my thumb on the rear wheel.














Night landscapes 18th September 2012

Images from docklands

Night Landscapes – 1st August 2012

Images from near and under the West Gate Bridge.









New Project : Night Landscapes – 16th May

The Start of a new project entitled Night Landscapes. On Tuesday night 15th May 2012 we started a new project. The aim is to produce a body of work that is shot at different locations around Melbourne. The first location was along the Merri Creek in Clifton Hill.














































































































Tree Abstract

11th February 2011

Royal Parade

10th February 2011

Wall Shadow

9th February 2011

Eroded Angel

8th February 2011

Balloons in Power lines

7th February 2011

Train graveyard

6th February 2011

Boat Globes

5th February 2011

Self-portrait in Convex Mirror

4th February 2011

About Art

3rd February 2011

Roof View from Dods Street

2nd February 2011

Home sweet Home

1st February 2011

Smoke Stack

31st January 2011

The Corner Shop

30th January 2011


29th January 2011

Graffiti Window

28th January 2011

Making a Statement

27th January 2011


26th January 2011

Window Dressing

25th January 2011


24th January 2011

Tree and Possum Guard

23rd January 2011

Brunswick Brickworks

21st January 2011


20th January 2011

Fence detail

19th January 2011


18th January 2011

Cemetery Fence

17th January 2011

Mother and Child

16th January 2011

Jesus For Sale

15th January 2011

Hanging Santa

14th January 2011

Waubra Wind Farm

Over the past two years i have been photographing something a little different. I started this project in September 2008 during instillation of the Waubra Wind Farm. The Waubra Wind Farm Project is located in Waubra, approximately 35kms North West of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia and is the largest renewable power project in the Southern Hemisphere. The Waubra Wind Farm comprises 128 wind turbines. For me this folio was the opposite of what I have traditional photographed which is nature’s impact on the landscape and pristine Wilderness. My aim with this folio was not only to show the influence the turbines have had on the landscape but also to show how the farming community have accepted them into their working lives.

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