New Years Resolution Experiment

Here is the parameters to my experiment. Due to fatherhood and the realization that i will be spending the next 6 months at home with baby Edmund I will undertake a 365 day challenge. The rules are to capture and upload an image a day that I have created using my Cannon G9. The images will be uploaded in Black and White  and no subject matter is off limits.

First Image

1st January 2011

Bogong High Plains – Ropers Hut Return

Attempted a three day walk in the Bogong high Plains our plans were to walk to Ropers Hut then onto Spion Kopje and back to Rocky Valley reservoir . Due to high Westerly Winds our second day was spent out of the wind on the playground near Johnson’s Hut. Many of the Waterfalls and rivers were running high which made up for the lack of photographic opportunity on the open Plains. Here are a selection of images from the trip.

Mount McLeod

Spent three days photographing at Mt buffalo we walked out to Mt Mcleod. The road out to the reservoir was badly effected by the recent rains so we walked a extra three km to the turn off. There was still quite a large amount of deep snow covering the track which made the walk difficult in places. The northern plateau of Buffalo is well worth the walk with spectacular views into the valleys. Here are the images plus a video.

Waubra Wind Farm

Over the past two years i have been photographing something a little different. I started this project in September 2008 during instillation of the Waubra Wind Farm. The Waubra Wind Farm Project is located in Waubra, approximately 35kms North West of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia and is the largest renewable power project in the Southern Hemisphere. The Waubra Wind Farm comprises 128 wind turbines. For me this folio was the opposite of what I have traditional photographed which is nature’s impact on the landscape and pristine Wilderness. My aim with this folio was not only to show the influence the turbines have had on the landscape but also to show how the farming community have accepted them into their working lives.

Tarkine Wilderness

From 28th March to 05 April 2010 we traveled to Tasmania to walk from Pieman River heads to Sandy Bay and return. What a special place apart from the occasional four wheel drive we experienced a part of the world unspoiled by mans impact. A photographers dream with souring sand dunes and tranquil bays. Here are a selection of images from the trip. Thanks to Dad and Ian for a great trip.

Otway National Park

26 January to 29 January 2010 Spent four days photographing in the Otways. I used the Apollo Bay as my base and photographed each morning and evening.

Summer Bogong High Plains

Four of us spent from the 2nd of January to 6th January walking up on the high plains. We started the walk from Howmans Gap up the Frying Pan Spur and over to Pretty Valley Pond and onto Tawonga Huts. The weather was hot with some amazing cloud formations. The second day we spent walking to the Fainters North and South and camping back at Tawong Huts. The third day we walked towards Cope Hut to drop my Dad back at his car and then on to Wallaces hut. The fourth day we camped between the unnamed mountain and Spion Kop in a idillic spot not far from the crows nest and a beautiful waterfall. On the 6th Jan we walked back to the car via Spion Kop and Little Spion Kop back to Howmans Gap.

The Fotress

Spent three days walking in the Grampians National Park from the 21 September to 23 September 2009. We arrived on Monday to some strong winds and possible showers and thunderstorms. The first day we spent walking from Deep creek to Western cave not a hard walk with a uphill section to the top and down into a gully to the camp spot. We had the campsite to ourselves until a school group from Adelaide arrived and a group of boys who had lost two friends on the way. They were not eager to find them which was quite a concern. During the evening it rained, we awoke to heavy mist and light rain. We spent an hour walking in the mist until we reached the Eastern cave where we stopped to take some images in the heavy mist. From the top we descended on four wheel drive track until we reached Mt Thackeray campsite. After collecting water and having some lunch we headed up Mt Thackeray for a great afternoon with good weather and amazing views of the Southern Grampians. We even spotted a pair of Wedged tail eagles flying over Mt Thackeray. That evening it rained for most of the night, the morning was filled with heavy winds and light showers. The walk was a 15km hike back to the car with some steep descending and a few river crossing. An enjoyable trip thanks Brett.